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a new domain name and email

jan 22 2020

didn't get a chance to post this yesterday, so here it is!

I bought a domain name! this proudly canadian site is now thedigitaldiarist.ca. I also have a new email address, alicia@thedigitaldiarist.ca, so your messages don't get lost among my dozens of newsletter subscriptions anymore.

other updates:

film diary & Big Finish recommendations

jan 18 2021

added two more pages:

as I say in my site welcome, this place is a central repository. the media I encounter and engage with is a big part of my life. one of my goals this year is to keep better track of it all, here, in one place. and if you engage with any of the same media, hit me up! I'm happy to chat about it.


what I'm reading in 2021

jan 17 2021

have you seen the new section over in reading? go on and take a peek at my reading journal for this year. so far, I've finished two books: one fiction and one non-fiction. I won't be posting reviews, per se; this is just a fun way to track the books I pick up this year. if you have suggestions, please feel free to email me, particularly if you have a good mystery to recommend. I never read mysteries, but I would like to give it a go.

wish me luck with my reading goals!

it's a new year out here.

jan 6 2021

a few updates to bring us into the new year:

this was a hard day. (what with the assault on democracy happening in the US.) but I will instead choose to remember the inspiring, wonderful, fantastic fungi resources people sent me this afternoon upon hearing I was interested in the subject.

the start of a new year so often feels bittersweet. I struggle to imagine the future. I get caught up remembering all that I didn't do, missed out on, and failed at. and yet, here I am, sharing what I'm reading, happily learning about mushrooms, and cultivating my own digital garden, here.

my aim in 2021 - less goal-setting. more small, beautiful events. more friendship.

more fungi?

still here,

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