I'm on The Sirens of Audio!

june 16 2022

if you've seen my audio dramas page, then you'll know just how excited I am to share that I'm on this week's episode of The Sirens of Audio! Dwayne and Philip were kind enough to invite me for a conversation about some Big Finish audio dramas. We sat down for an hour to chat about two of my favourite half-hour stories: "Urgent Calls" by Eddie Robson and "Summer" by Paul Cornell. We also threw in "Omega" just for good measure :)

listen to the episode at the link above, or watch here:

The guys were so kind, and I had a fantastic time. It just so happened that the day of our recording fell right in the middle of a very busy, stressful week. I'd had a tough day, but it was such a relief to kick back and talk about these three stories, which are all comfort listens for me.

Our conversation covered a lot of ground, so I wanted to add a few show notes of my own:

till next time, audiophiles,

🎵why you workin' so hard? the world is ending...🎵

may 25 2022

there's a new song up. it's called "warning signs." you can listen to it here.

I wanted to write a longer update, but I'm trying to navigate feeling low while facing down deadline after deadline. I'm questioning the path I'm on. making dark, cozy art. putting on apocalypse jazz and trying not to think too much. crying a lot. not wanting to get up, but getting up anyway.

you should buy sturdier boots,

my original notes for "warning signs"

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