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this site is a holding ground, a central repository. here you'll find my own writing & creative work as well as links to tools and resources. I'm interested in learning what it means to be an artist/creator, how we can build better communities, and how to nurture a self-care/self-keeping practice. embrace the sprawling web of pages. explore the garden. get on board with the inconsistent lowercase aesthetic. – alicia


another september, another VEDS

september 1 2021

just dashing off a quick note to say...it's VEDS! the greatest time of year!

if you're not up to speed, not to worry—that's what the VEDS 2021 page is for. but the gist is, for the month of september, I will be posting a vlog every day. the first one is out now:

I am joined by a number of other VEDSies, who I've linked to in the video description. the best part of this crazy endeavour is the community it creates.

my friends and VEDSies, I will see you tomorrow.