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pronouns: she/her

interests: interactive fiction, zines, journaling, self-reflection, personal archiving, remix culture, media criticism, video making, crafting

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about me

professional life: I work in communications, with a background in magazine publishing and non-profit work.

writing life: I'm a fiction writer and graduate of SFU's The Writer's Studio. My recent work explores life's intimacies and vulnerabilities through the lens of speculative fiction. My story "The Year of the Thunderstorm" was published in emerge22 in 2022.

the rest of my life: I'm driven by two forces: a creative impulse to make stuff, and a diary-keeper's impulse to document and reflect. I've kept a diary since 2011. My impulse to make stuff has thus far led to the creation of songs, videos, zines, paper crafts, and this website.

about the site

this static site was hand-crafted with HTML, CSS, and just a touch of JavaScript. (don't look at my code.) I believe in the ad-free, independent web, which is why I'm a Neocities supporter. I'm grateful for the freedom to break away from the templates that dominate our digital world. I also like knowing that I have ownership of my content here; I can easily download my site and mount it somewhere else.

This site is a perpetual work in progress.