articles of interest

updated jan 6 2021 - added Pay Attention by Hank Green

collected articles, blog entries, newsletters, etc. most are focused on creation, community, life online, and self-keeping.

chat with Seán » a chat about the web as a city in transition, nurturing vibrant & inclusive online communities, and bringing exploration back to the internet.

year of the meteor » archive of robin sloan's 2019 email newsletter. bursting with recommendations, thoughts on publishing, creative community stuff, links to interesting things and people.

why write digital fiction? » digital fiction is cool—here's why. first entry in a nine-part series by Lyle Skains on how to write digital fiction.

the "I don't feel like it" fallacy » Darya Rose, neuroscience Ph.D, takes a look at the habits we break and unpacks what's really behind "I don't feel like it." the focus here is food, but the principles are broadly applicable.

twinescapes, or the rise of spatial hypertext » Reed Underwood examines the world of Twine-based interactive fiction.

Pay Attention » Hank Green's substack newsletter about creation, media, the internet & the future. a good read for creators, and anyone who wants to understand more about making a life on the internet.