semantic html examples

this page is a semantic nightmare on it's own. sorry.

<wbr> (word break opportunity) specifies where in a text it would be ok to add a line-break
<article> defines an article
<aside> defines some content aside from the content it is placed in (ex. sidebar)
<section>defines sections in a document, such as chapters, headers, footers, or any other sections of the document
Long quotation
<details> specifies additional details that the user can view or hide on demand
Summary defines a visible heading for the <details> element

Details details details details.

Address for author(s) of the document
Cite defines the title of a work (book, movie, etc.)
Code reference
Teletype text
Text that is no longer correct
Deleted text
Inserted text
marked/highlighted text
stylistically different text (ex. misspelled text)

<picture> gives web developers more flexibility in specifying image resources
Strong emphasis

First-level headline

Second-level headline

Third-level headline

Fourth-level headline

Fifth-level headline
Sixth-level headline

Text to be entered by the user
Pre-formatted text

Short inline quotation
Sample output
Variable or user defined text

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