communities I love

the big feels club

a project from honor eastly and graham panther, the big feels club creates spaces for sensitive types to talk about big, scary feelings with one another and share what they've learned (i.e. peer support). the group is physically based in melbourne, australia, where they run real life meet ups. they also write articles and make podcasts about life + feelings.

I found the big feels club through Honor's memoir podcast no feeling is final. it's a show that deals with "heavy lifting feelings territory — including what’s it’s like to feel so hopeless that you want to die." if you're interested in raw, honest discussion of dark feelings, I recommend it. (the show's funny and great, but also a heavy listen. take care of yourselves.)


when john and hank green started the brotherhood 2.0 project back in 2007, I don't think they could have forseen all that would come of it. simply put, this is one of my favourite communities on the internet. from the vlogbrothers channel to the project for awesome, participating in any part of nerdfighteria, no matter how small, always renews my faith in the power of internet communities.

more love letters

I still exchange handwritten (or sometimes typewritten) letters with a few folks. there's an undeniable beauty to the practice of letter writing, and more love letters is sharing the love. if someone in your life needs a reminder they're not alone, you can nominate them for a love letter bundle. letter requests go up every month—people around the world have a chance to read the stories and write to folks going through a hard time. you can also join or start more love letter meet-ups around the world.