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about me

name: alicia

pronouns: she/her

enneagram type: four

interests: interactive fiction, zines, podcasting, journaling, self-reflection, archiving, internet history, remix culture, media literacy, video making, crafting

location: canada

professional life: working in community living services as a communications specialist for a non-profit.

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my projects

I'm driven by two forces: a creative impulse to make stuff, and a tendency to document & reflect on the process (and life in general). I've kept a journal since 2011. In that time, reflective thinking, along with those various creative practices, has become a fundamental part of how I make sense of the world. there's a bunch of stuff I make that hasn't ended up online—fiction, poetry, hand-bound books, delicious meals, watercolour sketches, mediocre photographs...most of what I make, actually! but here's a collection of things I've released/am releasing into the world:

about the site

I think that a basic understanding of HTML and CSS is a useful skill; it allows creative folks like myself to break free of templates and express ourselves in the digital world. I also like knowing that I have ownership of my content here—I can easily download my site and mount it somewhere else. I believe in the ad-free, independent web, which is why I'm a Neocities supporter.

Minimalist web design is kinda my jam (bill wurtz knows what I'm talking about). As are personal sites that feel unique to an individual: Amy Krouse Rosenthal (💛) and Jeff Bridges come to mind. Or you can do both. Sean does both, and is one of those people using the web in very cool ways. A good person to have in your orbit!

This site is a perpetual work in progress.

a stack of books bound with twine.


I've tried to make this site accessible wherever possible. But I am just one fallible human. If you have any problems accessing parts of the site, please let me know. I will gladly accept feedback to improve the experience of future visitors!

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