letter booklet

I'm the kind of person who likes to turn letters into mini mail packages—anything goes, so long as it fits in an envelope. So I made a booklet letter for my friend Michaela.

I tend to decorate with stamps, wax seals, paper scraps, and washi tape more than with photos or stickers. For this booklet, I kept the colour scheme simple—black, white, and red, mostly. Vintage sheet music is one of my favourite things to use.

The flap on the right opens to reveal a quote from Amanda Palmer's blog post oh Lorde, deliver me from Fucking Joan.

whatever we’ve done, haven’t done, chose, didn’t choose, think we fucked up, think we missed….whatever.
you’re here and you're alive and you're reading this.
and we’re totally fine.
believe me.

This little tab was inspired by a piece of mail I saw on Instagram. In planners, journals, zines, and booklets, tabs are great way to stay organized, but they can also be an invitation to keep people flipping pages.

The flap on the other side has got a playlist of Jonathan Mann songs (with a QR code) and, in the bottom corner, a couple Welcome to Night Vale-inspired doodles in another tiny envelope. In the centre, there's my zine fear and desperation and my actual letter to Michaela.

And that's the booklet!

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