2023 film diary


The Menu poster

The Menu (2022)

Director: Mark Mylod
Writers: Seth Reiss, Will Tracy
Stars: Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy

is it wrong that this film made me hungry?

cerebral and layered, there's lots to appreciate about this one. but let's be honest, I would watch Anya Taylor-Joy in just about anything.

The Banshees of Inisherin poster

The Banshees of Inisherin (2022)

Director: Martin McDonagh
Writers: Martin McDonagh
Stars: Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson

"tragicomedy" is not a genre I have much experience with, but there isn't a better word to describe this one. truly funny, truly tragic, beautifully acted.

I've lately been enjoying reading negative reviews of books and films I like, mostly because I find them reassuring. someone will list a bunch of stuff I loved about the work...and then say that's why they hated it. as a writer, that's comforting. so, if you are inclined to dislike films that are slow, have little in the way of plot, and no sense of closure at the end, you will probably dislike this one! but if you, like me, see that list and think, "oooh, intruiging," then you might just be in for a real "feel-bad treat."

Glass Onion poster

Glass Onion (2022)

Director: Rian Johnson
Writer: Rian Johnson
Stars: Daniel Craig, Edward Norton

I did see and enjoy Knives Out, but I had a far better time with this Benoit Blanc mystery. cards on the table—I don't really like mysteries. at least, I don't seek them out. but this was fun. it was goofy, it was ridiculous. in short, it was a joy. I loved the ensemble cast (Kate Hudson!!) and the style and tone of the movie hit a real sweet spot for me. plus those Zoom call cameos?? my theatre-kid heart nearly burst.

the IMDB reviews, at a glance, seem to indicate that the folks who disliked this film are the exactly the people I dread running into at a party.