VEDS 2020

what do you vlog about?

I believe I hold the dubious honour of "most varied videos" when it comes to VEDS. Last year, I posted to-camera chats, original songs, storytimes, ASMR, prose, poems, a review of great songs from lesser-known musicals, a vlog of dinner at a local cafe, and other assorted thoughts, conversations, and montages.

Returning to VEDS for the second year in a row, I decided that this time I would tackle the question at the heart of my organization's new podcast. Our show is called Good for All. It tells stories about disability, community, and inclusion. The underlying theme of the podcast is tied to our vision: good and full lives for everyone. What does it mean to lead a good and full life? And how to we achieve that for ourselves and others?

So this month, we're going to talk about mental health, art, creative and reflective practices, work, relationships, and all those other life things.

Find me on my channel LatinAlice.

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For my background music, I mostly rely on musicians who license their work under Creative Commons. I want to give them as much exposure as possible, and also link them so that you can use their work in your own projects! Here are the tracks I used during VEDS 2020.

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