warning signs


a rough sketch of a possible apocalypse


if you see the lightning flash
be ready for the thunder crash
warning signs might seem pretty
but just one storm can ruin your city
when it floods, they'll call it God

you should dig trenches
and build up a wall
you should buy sturdier boots
you should forget having children at all
give up on putting down roots

when light bends to trick the eye
distant seas are revealed as sky
warning signs might seem pretty
but sun run wild can ruin your city
hot and dry, they'll call it God

you should buy sunscreen
and plant trees for shade
wear clothes that cover your skin
you should set fire to the plans that you made
drink to forget where we've been

our blood's poisoned
line ends here
we're forsaken
don't cry, my dear

frost and snow glisten in morning light
coldest grace in purest white
gravestone signs sure seem pretty
in straight, long lines across this city
near the end, we call on God

wrap yourself up in your favourite coat
lay your head down on my chest
hands clasping hands and the vows that we wrote
never to part till we rest
for ever and ever and ever...


handwritten notes