the light on the mountain

audio (demo)

contains the sound of genuine page-turning


days like lengths of rope
coiling and curling
and slowly unfurling
seizing in knots when I pull

smoke that fills the air
ashes like snow
bury places I know
I can't recognize home anymore

show me an easier way
show me the straight line that leads here from yesterday
show me the place on the path where you stand
and can see for miles
if there's a light on the mountain
it must be answer

passing through the veil
blood in the moonlight
is offered each fortnight
safety assured by the gods

static flickers loud
it insists that you must
put your faith and your trust
in the voice that will speak the real truth

it says, "this is the easier way,
come nestle closer, I'll tell you of yesterday,
lead you from lies that would have you believe
that our world should burn.
trust the light on the mountain
you know it's the answer."

false hope, fake gods
we've seen it before
just one sacrifice
then more, and then more

this hope, this time
I've waited so long
this voice, this light
it cannot be, cannot be wrong

bound by days of rope
tightening, twisting
and always insisting
I could walk free if I want

the light flickers and fades
all I see is the dark
all I hear is my heart
till the wind carries whispers my way...

"we can't promise easy or true,
the answers keep changing
and we can't protect you
but we each hold a light
and we stand in a line
you can see for miles"

and along the horizon,
fire stretched on forever.