die mad

audio (demo)


C Fadd9 Am F
see, I'm mad
but I can't say that I'm mad
I can't go home like that
so I won't go home

it gets dark, the dark gets old
I get lost, I'm already cold
and I'll wear my regret like a raggedy coat
it's so comfortable

Em Dm Em7 G
I've got no right to my pain
but the pain doesn't care
no justice, just us
it's never been fair
I'll carry it quietly
it's all I can do

C Fadd9 Am F
'cause I'm mad
but I can't say that I'm mad
there isn't any space for that
so I make myself small

and it's hard to breathe, I'm breathing in dust
from the hobbies I loved, that I haven't touched
and the paint stains my clothes as the new walls close in
guess I'm not small enough yet

Em Dm Em7 G
I've got no right to complain
if I do, you don't care
no pleasure, just pain
but maybe that's fair
I'll carry it quietly
like I deserve to

C Fadd9 Am F
for being mad
I can't admit that I'm mad
I know the ones who do that
they wind up alone

better to stay, let it cost what it costs
never mind me, never mind what I've lost
I've a comfortable cage where I fit like a dream
isn't this all that I dreamed of?

Em Dm Em7 G
a home where I take off my coat
and hang up my shoes
after all that I've lost
I got nothing to lose
I'll carry on quietly
and do what I have to

C Fadd9 Dm Em7 G
and I'll die mad
wrapped in my shame
I'll die mad
after living in pain
I'll die mad
and I won't complain
you'll never see me again

C Fadd9 Dm7 Em7
I'll die mad
then rise from the flames
I'll live mad
I won't play your games
and I'll scream like I'm wild
I'll spread my arms wide
I'll thrive in my exile
and never set one foot inside
maybe I'll
burn this house to the ground
on my way out
'cause I'm mad

Dm Em7 Dm7 Dmadd11 G#maj7 C